Welcome to Gulf Hydrocarbon

Established 1997 , Gulf Hydrocarbon, Inc. is the premier provider of biodiesel to the petroleum industry. We offer:

  • Competitively-priced biodiesel for large end users or petroleum companies  
  • Marketing strategies to producers that wish to contract for high volume off-take agreements
  • Risk management products to lock in prices on biodiesel or biodiesel feedstocks
  • Experienced traders alleviate your logistic hurdles by swapping and trading biodiesel cross-country for immediate access    
  • Designed supply agreements to link the price of biodiesel to diesel fuel prices 
  • Customized supply contracts or off-take agreements for the most demanding clients
  • Biodiesel plant project development via our partnership with Renewable Fuel Research Associates (RFRA). RFRA is able to offer access to lines of credit for equipment and working capital, biodiesel process technologies, and contacts with soybean oil and methanol suppliers as well as large end users who can contract for total plant output.